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House dust mites are very small creatures. They’re just a quarter of a millimeter long and live off of human skin scales--especially ones that have been digested by mold and live in humid environments. They are found in bedding, carpets, and even clothing.

Dust mites are sometimes called bed mites and are the most common source of allergies from house dust. They multiply easily, especially in warm and humid areas, and die when the humidity falls below 50%. Dust mites float into the air when anyone vacuums, walks on carpets or disturbs the bedding and settle down once the disturbance is gone.

Dust mites are also a common trigger for asthma, predominantly in children and the elderly, and a house does not need to be visibly dirty to attract a dust mite allergy. There are particles too tiny to be seen and cannot be removed from normal cleaning. In fact, thoroughly cleaning can further agitate the allergic person’s symptoms.

A family member with a predisposition to an allergic reaction could have any or one of these symptoms:

  • Watery eyes
  • Runny nose
  • Hay fever
  • Clogged lungs
  • Breathing problems

The best approach to addressing a potential dust mite infestation is to remove the conditions in your home that allow dust mites and mold to thrive. Start in your damp basement or crawl space below your living area. Dust mites thrive in those dark, damp spaces in your home and float up into your living space as heat rises up through your home.

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Remove carpeting from concrete floors, because these carpets trap moisture--allowing for dust mites and mold spores to grow. Have an interior drainage system installed to remove any water seepage in the basement or crawl space. The best way to combat these allergens is to install a basement dehumidification system in your basement or crawl space to lower the relative humidity in the air to below 50% so mold and dust mites can not grow.

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