Solar Panels in Charlotte, Statesville, Greensboro and the Piedmont Triad Area

Greenserve solar panels are an essential investment to help you save money by reducing your monthly electricity bills . This will also help protect you from the never ending power company increases. Whether the solar panels are for your own residential property or you run a business and are considering installation of the panels, there are good reasons to installing them now…

  • Electric Bill Savings – One of the biggest and most common benefits of having solar panels in the Piedmont area is  savings on your electrical bill. 
  • You can take advantage of property tax exemptions, cash back offers, and the 30% Federal Tax Credit before it expires.
  • Your solar powered panels are taking advantage of a renewable energy resource. Solar energy will be accessible as long as we have the sun, therefore sunlight will be available to us for at least 5 billion years when according to scientists the sun is going to die.
  • Low maintenance – Solar energy systems don’t require a lot of maintenance. You only need to keep them relatively clean, so cleaning them a couple of times per year will do the job.
  • Increase in your home’s value – A study conducted by National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) concluded that homes with solar panels sell 20% faster and for 17% more money.
  • A secure investment – With solar panels and simple math, we can calculate how much electricity will be generated, and most importantly, at what price, for at least the next 20 years (fixed energy costs).
  • Environmental  – The U.S. is current second in the world in annual carbon dioxide emissions at 17.9%, right behind China. By installing solar panels on your Greensboro home or Charlotte business you help in  lowering your carbon footprint by replacing utility power with clean electricity generated from solar panels.

Need more information or would like to talk about the feasibility of a solar installation on your home or business? Give us a call! We would  be happy to guide you through the process of becoming a proud owner of  Greenserve solar panels.

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