Solar Attic Fans in Charlotte, Statesville, Greensboro and the Piedmont Triad Area


Did you know that attic temperatures can reach over 160F during the summer months without proper ventilation? Greenserve solar attic fans offer an effective solution to this problem by continuously removing attic heat and moisture buildup throughout the day. The result is a more comfortable home that requires less energy to cool and all for the absolutely no cost of operation. Letting your attic breathe is an important part of maintaining a healthy and energy efficient home. When your attic cannot breathe, the resulting trapped heat and moisture can cause numerous problems including higher electric bills, mold outbreaks, and ultimately the deterioration of your roof over time.

Saving you money and improving your home’s efficiency and  your family’s health …
– Actively removes attic hot air.
– Lowers cooling costs.
– No increase in home energy bills with a solar fan.
– Insulation works better.
– AC systems run more efficiently.
– Solar fans are safer to use and install than electric fans, since there is no electrical wiring involved.
– Solar fans run quietly.
– Shingles last longer.
– Works hardest when you need it the most.
– Removes moisture and humidity all day long.
– Decreased risk of toxic mold growth in attics.

 You can count on your Greenserve consultant to provide you with the most efficient and cost effective solar attic fan system for your home. Use the form below to request a quote or just call us at (980) 432-0042 .