Basement Insulation in Charlotte, Winston-Salem & the Whole Piedmont Triad, NC

Basement Insulation in Charlotte, Winston-Salem & the Whole Piedmont Triad, NC

Start from the ground up for lower energy costs and a more comfortable home!

Basement insulation is usually seen in the form of fiberglass batts used in the space between basement ceiling joists. Little do most people know that this insulation is designed for the environment in the main levels of the home, not the basement environment which means the benefit is lost. Fiberglass insulation is also unable to stop air leakage which makes the house drafty.

Greenserve offers a variety of insulation solutions designed for the environment found in basements. We can perform our Home Energy Assessment to lead in the direction of your home's best interest while helping you find the best insulation plan for your basement.

When your foundation walls are insulated, Greenserve can also seal and insulate the rim joist in your basement or crawl space to eliminate this major source of air infiltration.


The Benefits of Insulating Your Basement

  • Basement space becomes usable as extra living space, with more comfortable temperatures and lower humidity.
  • Eliminate mold & mildew problems in the basement.
  • Stop unwanted air infiltration that brings in cold winter air.
  • Upstairs living space will be more comfortable.
  • Lower heating & cooling costs.

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You don't have to live with drafts, uncomfortable rooms, and expensive heating and cooling costs anymore, Greenserve is here to help. Our basement insulation services will ensure that your home is as efficient and comfortable as possible. Contact Greenserve today for a FREE Home Energy Assessment and Estimate!


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Our high standard of quality ensures a healthy basement with a Nationally Backed Warranty.

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