Recent Jobs For Greenserve Advanced Energy Solutions

Recent Jobs For Greenserve Advanced Energy Solutions

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Trinity Oaks
Salisbury, NC
October 1, 2018

installed commercial sump pump and dehumidifier. Encapsulated crawlspace with 16 mil crawl shield and applied spray foam insulation to perimeter wall.

B Robinson
Charlotte, NC
August 2, 2018

seal duct work, insulate duct work, insulate attic, insulate crawlspace.

D Blackmon
Winston Salem, NC
July 16, 2018

air seal attic, dam for storage and insulate attic.

D Rogers
China Grove, NC
June 13, 2018

insulated attic, air sealed attic, installed attic hatch coffin.

J White
Charlotte, NC
May 29, 2018

Floor and attic insulation to lower energy bill.

E Bailey
Mooresville, NC
May 15, 2018

Duct seal, floor and attic insulation, duct insulation.

A Miller
Mooresville, NC
May 2, 2018

air seal attic, install blown insulation.

Andrianna S
Winston Salem, NC
April 16, 2018

installed R-38 blown fiberglass insulation.

Amy R
Winston Salem, NC
April 3, 2018

Blower door test reveled leaky duct work. Uninsulated ducts were sealed throughout basement / crawlspace then insulated with an R-8 reflective duct wrap. We also installed R-19 fiberglass insulation in the floor cavities.

Lindsay D
Lexington, NC
April 3, 2018

air sealed attic and insulated, capped knee wall in mechanical room with polyiso foam insulation board.

Judy H
Charlotte, NC
April 2, 2018

installed blown attic insulation

Sommer B
Greensboro, NC
March 27, 2018

Removed existing fiberglass insulation, installed open cell spray foam insulation on the roof deck, sealed duct work in the attic and replaced busted return duct.

Amy Fitzgerald
shelton, CT
March 20, 2018


Sandra J
Denton, NC
March 14, 2018

air sealed penetrations, capped knee walls, installed cellulose insulation.

Allen W
Union Grove, NC
March 12, 2018

Blower door testing, air-seal and insulate attic (reduced air infiltration by 90%) & insulated crawlspace.

Tom M
Rockwell, NC
March 12, 2018

air sealed attic / large chase and topped off attic insulation

Scott L
Rockwell, NC
March 9, 2018

Blower door test, air sealed and insulated attic, dense pack insulation for exterior walls.

Kenneth A
Winston Salem, NC
March 7, 2018

insulated attic with blown fiberglass, insulated crawlspace, installed 6 mil vapor barrier.

Sandra L
Clemmons, NC
March 2, 2018

capped whole house fan and brought insulation to code.

Linda S
Concord, NC
February 27, 2018

sealed clients duct work, installed attic insulation, and installed black 6mil vapor barrier in crawlspace.

Mike S
Winston Salem, NC
February 21, 2018

sealed leaky duct work, sealed attic and capped chase, insulated attic and crawlspace.

Kasey B
Lexington, NC
February 6, 2018

sealed leaky ducts, insulated ducts that were uninsulated, and insulated crawlspace with R-19 fiberglass batt.

G Jones
Advance, NC
January 11, 2018

Attic insulation, air sealing, blower door test.

Carol H
Charlotte, NC
January 9, 2018

attic insulation, capped knee wall.

Tina S
China Grove, NC
December 25, 2017

Dense pack insulation on exterior walls with cellulose insulation.

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